Case analysis for gerontology

Case studies from the field of medical cannabis for gerontology november 25, 2017 april michelle short share cannabis for seniors nurse practitioner eloise theisen goes over the usage and dosage of a cannabis tincture with new patient carl p at her offices in lafayette, ca, on wednesday march 8, 2017 source:. Geriatric nursing etc are being stressed upon as subject lines but nevertheless the journal includes all allied aspects of geriatrics and gerontology for publications in the form of research articles, review articles, original articles, case reports, communications, perspectives, etc the journal encompasses the study related to. Geriatric education center consortium case studies john hopkins medicine macrocytosis case mededportal new england journal of medicine clinical case articles some articles are free full text articles requiring a subscription can be ordered by neomed library registered patrons via inter-library. Geriatric physical therapy: a case study approach william h staples search textbook autosuggest results chapter 1: introduction to geriatric physical therapy chapter 2: musculoskeletal cases chapter 3: neuromuscular cases chapter 4: cardiovascular and pulmonary cases chapter 5: integumentary cases.

Caring for older persons requires nurses who possess a specific knowledge base, an appreciation of the individuality of each older person and creativity in the application of knowledge in practice to support the development of such nurses, diverse learning approaches are required to engage and. Case studies in geriatric medicine and patient care. Many reports which are critical of care delivered by the nhs point out that quality of service around the united kingdom is variable, but that there are examples of excellent care in this section we publish some case studies of good care models. Now published in the gerontologist our research showed that laughing transforms group exercise into a joyful time and fosters fun, social connection, and meaningful engagement the study was conducted in 4 metro atlanta assisted living facilities over a period of 12 weeks in 2014 each facility received twice weekly.

As the fastest growing population sector worldwide, older adults are seen in almost every care setting in which clinicians practice developed as a resource for advanced practice nurses in any setting, case studies in gerontological nursing for the advanced practice nurse show all presents readers with. Geriatrics conferences gerontological nursing conferences happening in 2017 edinburgh scotland focus on ageing research attracting people from europe usa middle east.

Case study 1 patient a is 82 years of age with a history of congestive heart failure, glaucoma, hypertension, and osteoarthritis her current medications are furosemide, potassium, lisinopril, metoprolol, aspirin, timolol maleate opthamic solution (timoptic), acetaminophen (as needed), multivitamin, and a calcium/ vitamin. Important: read the page case study bank before using these case study shells the subjective and objective information in each of these cases come from real situations most are almost 20 years old, so some things might need some tweeking also, i have changed all of the personal information, making it impossible to. An occupational therapist used an interdisciplinary approach (working with a psychiatric nurse practitioner and a manual arts therapist) to conduct a biweekly geriatric psychiatry activity group a case study is presented to demonstrate the success and longevity of the interdisciplinary activity group.

Identify areas of bio-psycho-social & spiritual areas for geropsychiatric nursing assessment identify risk factors r/ to geropsychpathology distinguish between delirium and dementia (particularly alzheimers disease = ad) in characteristics, onset, and course of disease formulate nursing diagnosis. Wwwcaseedu/artsci/soci/gerontologicalhtml phone: 2163682703 fax: 2163682676 dale dannefer and gary deimling, program co-directors the gerontological studies program is a multidisciplinary program designed to integrate research and theory about human aging and human development over the life course. Between the fields of cognitive gerontology and neuropsychology the primary emphasis of the journal is to publish original empirical research occasionally, theoretical or methodological papers, critical reviews of a content area, or theoretically relevant case studies are published emphases of interest include information. Elderly patients with multiple comorbidities are at risk of experiencing adverse drug events we report a case of skin lesion related to drugs and discuss consequences of polypharmacy in the elderly an 85-year-old female took the following drugs for a long time: amlodipine, valsartan, hydrochlorothiazide, lysine.

Case analysis for gerontology

This case-based approach to geriatric medicine is suitable for all health professionals and trainees who provide care for the elderly, including interns, residents, geriatric fellows, physicians in practice, and nurse practitioners illustrated with more than 40 cases based on the authors' experience in clinical practice, the. Evaluation of basic knowledge regarding an elderly patient with falls and fracture learners should: be able to evaluate a patient with falls and hip fracture have basic knowledge of geriatric cardiac physiology have a basic understanding of the components of the informed consent process have basic.

  • A versus b in the treatment of c: a randomized controlled trial, x is a risk factor for y: a case control study, what is the impact of factor x on subject y: a systematic review, a case report etc or, for non-clinical or non-research studies: a description of what the article reports list the full names, institutional addresses and.
  • Amy is a 79-year-old female with a history of osteoporosis who is recovering from a wound to the left leg the prolonged need for home care services triggers her medicare hmo to assign a geriatric case manager to the case.

Shared site intergenerational programs: a case study the authors conducted a case study of an established ssip serving frail older adults and preschool-aged children using surveys and interviews from parents, family caregivers, and older adult clients with international journal of geriatric psychiatry, 10, 967-973. B) the geriatric depression scale (score: 8/30) c) standardized mini-mental state examination (score: 16/30), and d) reisberg global deterioration scale ( score: stage 4) as well, a case history was collected through an interview with mrs springfield the results of the assessment were reported to her the geriatric. (aces) framework and essential nursing actions unfolding cases to guide the teaching of individualized aging, complexity, and life transitions to nursing students ▫ explore the nursing literature for assessment and evaluation of student learning that occurs when the aces unfolding cases are used to teach gerontological. Consultgeriorg is the geriatric clinical nursing website of the hartford institute for geriatric nursing, nyu college of nursing your resource for evidence-based content on care of older adults.

case analysis for gerontology The structure of this article is in three parts: review of theories of aging with an introduction of foucault's potential contribution to gerontological analysis, the historical overview of the instigation of professional intervention in modernity and the changing roles and responsibilities in relation to older people utilizing foucault's.
Case analysis for gerontology
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